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This book found you ...

through the longing that called



Göttliche VerJETZTlichkeiten 

Dichtungen der Seele


by Tanya von Zychlinsky



Divine NOWledge

Poetry of the Soul 


The German book is launched now.



(for more info, please contact me)


Inspiration through Intuition

for inner and outer peace                                                       



May this inspired and inspiring Poetry of the Soul be a raft for you to reach your own paradise, breathe fresh air deeply, receive playful messages and build bridges from heart

to heart . . .   coming home . . . over and over again . . . 

You can snuggle into this book - out of your head and into your heart in no time - like sinking into a comfy bath - aaaaahhhh . . .


Reading with your whole being, seeing through the eyes of Love,  feeling the heart in every word - this book turned out to be a gift for all senses. High quality photo paper caresses your fingertips like silk. Photographic jewels captured by Lara A. Patel on Kauai, Hawaii, complement the warm colorful writings, and the sun of Love arises giving life to this book while touching your core - you can nearly imagine the hint of a fragrance . . .

On Kauai - where my works were brought onto stage - I was asked quite often whether they were also available as books, CDs or DVDs, and this book is a first answer to that request. Ideally, I wish for you to be able to listen to the sound of the words to music . . . because then a whole other magic happens. Next steps therefore: professional CDs and DVDs embedded into heavenly music, movies and stage work as well as publishing more of the many books already written - and continuing to be written. We were given our gifts so we can share them with one another.


Our World IS our garden as is our  own heart - especially on my beloved island Kauai. Her people are my family - as we all are. They received me with open arms and taught me so much. Their nature nurtured me - and made me deeply happy ... as well as many others. Let us honor, support, and sustain their magnificence, dignity, integrity, prosperity, love, laughter, and true values. The beauty that we see 'out there' is also within us. This book is my gift to you - and to Kauai. 


On Kauai many already treasure my Poetry of the Soul as it has transformed lives. Following my intuition I now am offering the very first book in German - with the English version ready to be published next -  I am writing originally in both languages.


This book has already lovingly been called ''little portable temple'', and is best enjoyed in a relaxed environment - and in small portions. Take your time and let its essence warm your heart. From beginning to end, or somewhere in the middle - whatever page or sentence finds you - it is the perfect one. Loving companion, love, inspiration, comfort, one big bear hug: Snuggle into the book . . .  


The Highest within you has a plan



. . . and when you feel touched, 

you know it has to do with you . . .




Hear the Music?